Shanti Forest, aka TCDF Eco-Logic, welcomes you with Southern Thai hospitality!


Shanti Forest has a wide range of accommodation to offer to our visitors. Please take a look at the different types of accommodation we can offer, to suit your needs and budget. To make a reservation you can contact us via telephone or you can fill in the form at our 'contact' page. 

Riverside Jungalows

Shanti Forest has several junglows:

  • The Jungalow de Luxe (max. 4 people). Airconditioned
  • The Jungalow Comfort (2 people). Airconditioned
  • The Jungalow Vista (2 people)

Shanti Forest's jungalows are built at the riverside overlooking the rainforest

Each bungalow has a double bed, refridgerator, coffee corner, a private bathroom, a porch and a big garden with a fire place.



Jungalow de Luxe:

3.000 Baht per nights (low season)/4.000 Baht per night (high season)

Jungalow Comfort:

2.000 Baht per night (low season)/2.500 Baht per night (high season).

Jungalow Vista:

1.250 Baht per night (low season)/1.500 Baht per night (high season).


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Shanti Forest Rooms

Room @ Shanti Forest

Shanti Forest has 4 guestrooms available.  

The  rooms are spacious, have a double and single bed and are suited to host 1 to 4 people.

Each room has a private bathroom and small garden.


Price: 750 Baht per night (low season) / 1.000 Baht per night (high season) for 2 people. Additional 250 Baht per person for 3 or 4 people.


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Shanti Forest Dormitory


The dormitory is situated in a riverside house. The dormitory is suitable to host up to 12 people. The dormitory has a shared bathroom and a small garden.


Price: 400 Baht per night.


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Shanti Bangkok
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Shanti Kanchanaburi

Shanti Forest Paksong is also known as TCDF Eco-Logic (our local partner)

You can reach Shanti Forest/TCDF Eco-Logic at +66 (0)8 6172 1090, or you can use our contactform

Save the Rainforest

Shanti Forest has been buying rainforest areas around the lodge over the last years. So far we managed to buy and safe about 70 Ry of forest.

We hope to be able to do this to make sure the beautiful rainforest surrounding our lodge will not be cut down for agriculture.


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Please ask our staff about this project when you are visiting Shanti Forest, they can tell you more.